Foreigners VS Autowala | 2 Foreigners In Bollywood

Coming to India as a foreigner you might find yourself participating in an involuntary city tour. These two guys have just landed at the airport and since their hotel is close by they decide to take a rickshaw. However, for some inexplicable reason the autowala is having troubles reaching the hotel in time. When the foreigners have run out of patience, they decide to take action. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
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  1. 2 Foreigners In Bollywood

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    broo he actually made a real traffic !!!! So natural scene WOW !!! 🥺🥺

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    Same thing happened with my friend in Bangalore from my home town to Bangalore train sleeper ticket is 360rs that time and from station to college in Bangalore auto driver took 500rs 😂😂 if he traveled in bus it would cost 20rs in auto 60-80rs max and in Ola or Uber 120-140 max.

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    Im from delhi Even i when went to mumbai the auto rickshaw driver charged too much for lesser distance infront of them i felt like taxi drivers were fallen angels.

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    These types of auto drivers are everywhere but thank God now a days we have Ola Uber many more and also Google maps which suggests us how to reach destination with bus details or taxi and also tells us estimated fare love you Google maps ❤️

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    This is the story of majority autowalas in entire India. Not just foreigners if they think you are from some other state then also they try and make more money from you. Thanks to Google Maps now that people are aware of the exact kms from their origin to destination. Moreover Thanks to Uber & Ola for making them lower their prices. Many people because of this only prefer Uber and Ola. Enough about autowalas and more about video now. Nice video but the only problem is their video quality. Please buy a decent camera to shoot, phone is not good for youtube videos. Nice work 2 Foreigners in Bollywood..!

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    Even uber and Ola scam u

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    Swapnil Gabhale...most of the time it is correct..Ek baar toh Uber wale ne dead end gali mein ghusa diya tha google maps ki wajah se. Google maps society mein thoda problem karta toh hai. Hamari galiyan hi aisi hai ki Google maps bhi pagla jata hai.

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    It's the reason these...people stuck to poor class of our society...through out there life they never upgrade themselves.......

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    It happen to me in my first year college and first time in Delhi . 😂 In Delhi you have to be more Chutiya or else you won't survive haha

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